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A 614

A 614
Shooting Ground
NSSA Contact - Derek Wilson
Phone - 07534 122437
Email - derek_pw@yahoo.com
A614 Club Address
The Pavilion
Far Baulker Farm
Old Rufford Road
NG25 0RQ
To Contact.
Nottingham & District Gun Club
Haywood Oaks Activity Centre
Nottingham Go Karts
Phone (01623) 883798.

The A614 Shooting Ground is now part of the Nottingham & District Gun Club and on the hill at Far Baulker Farm.
This very friendly close knit club has arguably the best skeet background in the UK. Being on the top of a hill, the clay targets look the size of dustbin lids just floating across the sky, begging to be broken.
The ground has both a snack bar and small shop area coupled with a very friendly atmosphere.
The ground is open Wednesday and Thursday 10am till Dusk for practice,
Friday & Saturday 10am to 5pm for practice & Sunday 8.30 till 4.30pm for a mix of Practice and Competition.
All competitions will be listed but please call the ground to check whether practice is available on a sunday prior to travelling.


13th January – Happy New Year
24st January - Thursday Open
10th February – Snowy Valentine Spectacular
21st February – Thursday Open
10th March – Mad March Special
21st March – Thursday Open
14th April – Easter Special
19th April – Thursday Open
12th May – May Clouts
23rd May – Thursday Open
9th June – June Jubilee
20th June – Thursday Open
14th July – July Jamboree
25th July – Thursday Open
11th August – Roasting August
22nd August – Thursday Open
8th September –Hazy Afternoons
19th September – Thursday Open
13th October – Back from the World
24th October – Thursday Open
10th November – Firecracker
21st November – Thursday Open
8th December – Christmas Break
19th December – Last Minute Shopper

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