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BSSA Championship Events and Shoot Format.
The BSSA organises four major NSSA skeet championships per year. These events are allocated to NSSA affiliated shooting grounds that have been invited to host the championships by the BSSA Custodians normally on a rotational basis so that the Championships are evenly shot across the UK.

BSSA Iron Man - BSSA UK Open - BSSA State Championship - BSSA European Open.

The BSSA Iron Man Championship
This championship is a 400 target 12 gauge event, 200 targets shot straight through on day one (with only a small pause at 100 to change range), followed by the same on day two.
By its very name you will appreciate that this is a tough task to concentrate for eight rounds nonstop each day both physically and mentally, hence the name.

The UK Open
This championship is a 400 target HOA event with the option of an additional 100 Doubles to make it an HAA event. The 400 HOA targets are shot with 12, 20, 28 and .410 over 100 targets with each gun giving a total over 400 targets and a HOA score. If the Doubles are shot this will give the shooter a High All Around (HAA) score over 500 targets.
It is not a prerequisite when entering this shoot that you have to shoot 400 or 500 targets. Every gauge is its own event and as such you can opt for as many gauges of the Championship as you wish. Each gauge or event has its own class system along with its own trophies, medals and awards. In 12 gauge the classes run from AA through to E, and in the other gauges from AA through to D so newcomers are shooting in their own comfort zone.
The neat thing about NSSA skeet is that after your first 100 target shoot you will have attained a class to shoot in.
The gauges are normally shot 12 gauge in the morning followed by 28 gauge in the afternoon on day one, with 20 gauge in the morning followed by .410 in the afternoon on day two.

The BSSA championship
This championship is a 400 target event only shot with four gauges (no Doubles). Again shooters can opt just to shoot 100 targets in any gauge or the whole event. The gauge sequence that the targets are shoot in, is the same as the UK Open and the European Open.
The European Open is the same format as the UK Open.

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