The following information is taken from...NSSA-NSCA Target Talk LESSONS which is a weekly publication of the National Skeet Shooting Association and National Sporting Clays Association.

You likely already know how to shoot station 1 on the skeet field, but if you're having some trouble, this video might come in handy. It's a clear step-by-step primer on how to approach station 1, using ShotKam footage and graphics to illustrate exactly what the hold points and look points will look like from behind the gun. "There should be very little gun movement for this target, so make sure not to start with your gun too high," the narrator advises. Get the advice by watching the video here

If you could use a little help breaking targets from station 2 on the skeet field, take a look at this classic article from writer Ed Scherer, shared by the Virginia Skeet Shooting Association. It starts with advice on hold points - including how to adjust for a south wind - and continues with tips on look points, pick-up points and more. Muzzle height, foot position and more are covered, as is lead: "The lead required on high 2 is so small it will astound you," Ed writes. "If you have a miss here, and you haven't the foggiest notion as to where the errant shot went, try cutting back your lead." Download and read the whole article here


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