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Tadley GC

Tadley Gun Club
Club Contact - Tony May
Club Address
Wasing Wood

Hours of Business
10am - 4pm
November through March
10am - 5pm
April through October

Tadley Gun Club is a small members only facility with two registered NSSA skeet ranges that opens its doors for NSSA skeet one day per month on a Saturday.
Tadleys reputation has always been one of a friendly, helpful members run club, where new shooters to NSSA skeet will find all the help, information, assistance and advice they might require.
Although a small facility the ground has all the facilities one would expect to be comfortable during your shooting day. Food and beverages are available and the welcome you will receive is second to none.


8th Nov - Saturday Any Gauge
13th Dec - Saturday Any Gauge
10th Jan - Saturday Any Gauge
14th Feb - Saturday Any Gauge
14th Mar - Saturday Any Gauge
11th Apr - Saturday Any Gauge
9th May - Saturday Any Gauge
13th Jun - Saturday Any Gauge
11th Jul - Saturday Any Gauge
8th Aug - Saturday Any Gauge
12th Sep - Saturday Any Gauge
10th Oct - Saturday Any Gauge


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